Archaeological Prospection

On all types of archaeological survey: geophysics, prospection, and remote sensing.

Pram-CV: Looking for the early medieval peasants in northwestern Serra de São Mamede (Castelo de Vide, Portugal).

Pram-CV is a research project in archaeology which aims to study the early medieval peasant communities that lived in the territory of Castelo de Vide, a Portuguese village in the northern Alentejo region. The Pram-CV is hosted by the Institute of Medieval Studies (IEM, FCSH/NOVA) and supported by the Câmara Municipal of Castelo de Vide.

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A Fourth Day In The Life (Of An Archaeological Geophysicist)

So, unfortunately I didn’t get the email from the admins about the Day of Archaeology until a week

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Digging Diaries – Old Shipwreck, New Mystery – The Wreck of the London

Hello all, it’s time for a new vid! Back in 1665 an enormous warship, named The London, exploded in the Thames Estuary. The crew had been preparing a seventeen gun salute before the vessel was due to set sail for the Second Anglo-Dutch War when a stray flame ignited 300 barrels of gunpowder. A team

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