Film makers and their work with archaeological topics.

The power of making – or what it means to do archaeology through creative experimentation with media

I’m oodles of days overdue in contributing to the annual Day of Archaeology (11 July 2014). The delay relates in part to what I’ll discuss below – The Heritage Jam – and in part to the fact that I’m simultaneously prepping to leave for fieldwork at Çatalhöyük on Sunday, finishing multiple articles and reports, and

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A Day in the Life of a Public Archaeologist

Check out our website for more information on the Florida Public Archaeology Network and some awesome free resources! Video created by Emily Jane Murray, FPAN Staff Related posts: A Day in the Life of a Public Archaeologist in North Central Florida! 3 Public Archaeologists Go To Summer Camp A Different Kind of Fieldwork: A Day

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If I told you, I’d have to kill you….

The Day of Archaeology is meant to be an opportunity to give the wider public an insight into

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Historical Archaeology New Technologies and Community

As an associate professor of Digital Media at Drexel University and as a cultural anthropologist my interests focus

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Like Snow for Eskimos: The Zen of Archaeology

There’s this funny thing about archaeology. Like astronaut or first female/gay/deaf/alien (fill in the underrepresented blank as you

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