Sticking to the basics with archaeological excavation.

Archaeological Excavations at Northgate Street, Warwick

This blog entry has been written by the Warwickshire Historic Environment Record (HER) and is about the current

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From the Villa to the Villas – In the Shadow of Mt. Vesuvius

Some like them exotic, some like them simple. I guess I like them big, luxurious and… Roman. I can’t say exactly when my passion for Roman villas (I guess the title gave me away, eh) started, but there surely is a pattern there: from the moment when I was asked to do a research for

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Moving a site on Sanday – Bronze Age buildings, a well with steps, and much, much more.

Never assume you know what you’re going to find – sites always throw up surprises. SCAPE’s project with the Sanday Archaeology Group in Orkney is a perfect example… who thought we’d find a Bronze Age well during a reconstruction project! Our Day of Archaeology 2014 was very eventful, and to get an idea of the

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A Day with Macedonian Archaeology – Epigenetic characteristics of the medieval population at the site “Crkvishte” v.Morodvis.

In addition to the attempts of forming an anthropological/morphological image for one researched population, the epigenetic characteristics that

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Final Days: Silchester ‘Town Life’ project 2014

  This is the 18th and final season of the Silchester ‘Town Life’ project, and we thought we would share one of our final days with you! This project began in 1997 and has run seasonally every summer since. In 18 seasons we have introduced more than 5000 people to the delights of field archaeology,

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