Historical Archaeology

The archaeology of historical periods.

From Riveting Romans to Saints, Sailors & Pilgrims

On the Day of Archaeology 2014 I was preparing for a series of events organised and coordinated by

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Karen Lind Brauer – A Day of Archaeology, July 14, 2014

Consulting Historic St. Mary’s City (Maryland, USA) publications, Anne Arundel County’s Lost Towns Project publications (Maryland, USA), and

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Living and managing archaeological sites in a historic urban landscape: Mexico City

“Let’s start from a statement speaking about the city of the ancient Mexicans: Mexico-Tenochtitlán has been and still is the root of all that has happened in this enormous metropolis, it is the substratum of the nation’s capital.” “Vamos a partir de una afirmación al hablar de la ciudad de los antiguos mexicanos: México-Tenochtitlán ha

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Funny ha-ha? Excavations at Eastcote House Gardens

On the Day of Archaeology 2014, AOC Archaeology Group is working once again with London Borough of Hillingdon

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The archaeology of early tourism in the Swiss Alps

Or how a short survey of archaeological remains in the Grindelwald area (Berner Oberland) shows that not only modern but also 18th and 19th century tourism left traces in the land-scape. In my job at the Archaeological Service of the Canton of Berne I don’t get to do much field-work these days. I do however

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A Day in the life of a Historic Environment Countryside Advisory Assistant

Apologies for being somewhat behind in my contribution. My name is Emily Hathaway and I am a part

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