Digital Archaeology

Working with information or digital technologies in archaeology

NEARCH and ADS looking forward to Day of Archaeology 2015!

Ok wait, isn’t this Day of Archaeology 2014? It’s time to think about 2015 already?! Yes!…and 2016, 2017

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Archaeology Hack-a-thon! The Heritage Jam, Cemeteries & Audioscapes

Still hungover from the team spirit of The Heritage Jam, an archaeology hack-a-thon, Stuart Eve and Colleen Morgan decided to blog in dialogue for the Day of Archaeology. CM: I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, I knew the basic outlines of what a “Jam” should be in the tech/gaming world–everyone comes together to hack on

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ADS at the Center for Digital Heritage Summer School

  Today I am at the Centre for Digital Heritage Summer School (CDH). It’s the second day of a training

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Adventures in Digital Archaeology & Open Access Antiquarianism

It’s funny how quickly time passes while studying time.

Two years ago, this weekend was spent with a laser scanner at the beach.

I’d finagled a mini-grant from the National Science Foundation for a project I like to call Sandcastles for Science, but whose full un-pronouncable name identified it as a project to test out laser scanning capabilities for handling the imaging resolutions of stratigraphic sediment on archaeological sites (see– even that was a mouthful). … Read More →

Countdown to Completion

I am an archaeologist – a very tired archaeologist.   My original completion date for my PhD was

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