Maritime Archaeology

Stories from archaeologists working on or under the sea.

Digging Diaries – Old Shipwreck, New Mystery – The Wreck of the London

Hello all, it’s time for a new vid! Back in 1665 an enormous warship, named The London, exploded in the Thames Estuary. The crew had been preparing a seventeen gun salute before the vessel was due to set sail for the Second Anglo-Dutch War when a stray flame ignited 300 barrels of gunpowder. A team

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Contract museum archaeology in Sweden

Hello and greetings from Sweden’s west coast! My name is Delia Ní Chíobháin Enqvist and I am an archaeologist working in the Contract Archaeology department at Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla.   At the contract archaeology department we work mostly with projects that are development-led and mainly within Västra Götaland county, but at times travel to other parts of

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Moving a site on Sanday – Bronze Age buildings, a well with steps, and much, much more.

Never assume you know what you’re going to find – sites always throw up surprises. SCAPE’s project with the Sanday Archaeology Group in Orkney is a perfect example… who thought we’d find a Bronze Age well during a reconstruction project! Our Day of Archaeology 2014 was very eventful, and to get an idea of the

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