Environmental Archaeology

Understanding the environment and climate of the past.

A use of computers in paleoenvironmental analysis.

Was going to call this Day of Archaeology post “The effectiveness of using expletives when trying to get

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Straight from the Horses Mouth: A story of a PhD and her Dead Ponies of the Iron Age.

This is my third Day of Archaeology… my first was all waggly tailed, spaniel enthusiasm for my undergrad

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Digging Diaries – Old Shipwreck, New Mystery – The Wreck of the London

Hello all, it’s time for a new vid! Back in 1665 an enormous warship, named The London, exploded in the Thames Estuary. The crew had been preparing a seventeen gun salute before the vessel was due to set sail for the Second Anglo-Dutch War when a stray flame ignited 300 barrels of gunpowder. A team

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