Environmental Archaeology

Understanding the environment and climate of the past.

Moving a site on Sanday – Bronze Age buildings, a well with steps, and much, much more.

Never assume you know what you’re going to find – sites always throw up surprises. SCAPE’s project with the Sanday Archaeology Group in Orkney is a perfect example… who thought we’d find a Bronze Age well during a reconstruction project! Our Day of Archaeology 2014 was very eventful, and to get an idea of the

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3 Public Archaeologists Go To Summer Camp

Working in Public Archaeology has to be pretty close to the greatest job ever.  In short, you get to do something you love and then spend a lot of time talking about the thing you love to people who willfully come to see you.  Talking about archaeology, that thing that puts your family to sleep when they accidentally ask

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Tastes Like Chicken

I am Julia Best a post-doctoral researcher on the Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions Project which

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A Multi-Period Sanctuary Site in Greece

  The Day of Archaeology dawned in Thebes on a hectic day on site. Members of the Thebes

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Calluna Matata – The Life of an Almost-Environmental Archaeologist

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