CartoDB Map of 2011-2013 posts

For those of you who are curious where the DoA contributors stem from – check out this handy map the DoA team has put together!

In an obvious ploy to play with CartoDB, Jess imported a static table containing a subset of DoA posts to the site (only those that have geo-location tags) and wham, presto a lovely slippy map! It took some minor modification of some coordinates that got chopped during the export, but for the most part I think the locations are generally accurate. Each point links directly to the posts – so go on, check it out!

The Data

Just a note for those so inclined – CartoDB also publishes the map data in table form so anyone can take a look at what’s driving the map. The table is linked here – so have at it – download the data*, or create your very own DoA maps!

*Note and Disclaimer – the data contained in the table is rough and ready, so there may be missing contextual data, or just plain wrong stuff in there. Use at your own risk – but always attribute the source, please!

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