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Some contributors to the Day of Archaeology project will want to post their contributions to the website via email. These instructions will walk you through the process!


  1. The email address that will be accepting your posts is and this is automatically checked every 15 minutes.
  2. You can only have your email accepted for posting if you have had confirmation of your participation from us. You MUST email us at dayofarchaeology [at] (note the different email address) to confirm that you are taking part in the project on the 29th June.  The plugin that parses your email posting checks first to see if you are authorised, if not, the post will remain in the inbox!
  3. You can of course edit your contribution once it has been submitted via email, via the normal WordPress interfaces as described in the Contributors Guidelines.

How to Email Your Contribution

  1. In your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.), create a new message
  2. The title of your page comes from the subject line of your email, so for example, you could entitle your post “Hunting for Genghis Khan through crowd sourcing”. If your mail client doesn’t support setting the subject you can do so by putting #your title here# at the beginning of your message.
  3. In the body of your email create the contents for your post.

Creating the Post in Your Email

  1. Before the start of your post, type :start – the message processing won’t start until it sees that string
  2. At the end of your post, type :end – the message processing will stop once it sees that string. This is very useful if your work automatically adds a signature to your email!
  3. You can include a custom excerpt of an email by putting it between :excerptstart and :excerptend
  4. You can insert images to your post easily as well by attaching them to the email. They are inserted in the order attached and you can add captions by entering text as below:
    #img1 caption=’My archaeological day’#

An example email

The screen capture below shows you how a typical email might look.


An example email
Remember, you don’t have to make it look completely perfect, the Day of archaeology project team can help with this when the post is received at the moderation stage!

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