Digging Diaries – Skulls, Shamans and Sacrifice in Stone Age Britain

Hello all archaeology fans from the Digging Diaries Youtube channel!

Here’s a great video covering the amazing Mesolithic dig at Star Carr, North Yorkshire.

Nicky Milner and her digging team from York University are embarking on their final ever excavation on site to unlock the secrets of this mysterious landscape.

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Happy Digging from all the team!

Dama International Sampling

I’m a post-doctoral researcher on the Dama International Project, a multi-disciplinary project which aims to reconstruct the biogeography and management of the European fallow deer in the past 8,000 years. Today I was off on a hunt for deer bones in the impressive HQ of Somerset County Museum. I was hoping to find two from Cheddar Palaces and one from Catsgore. I found all three……………………..but none were fallow deer. One sheep, one roe deer and one red deer. However, I did find a further three from Cheddar that had not been previously recorded. Not the best result ever but I cut off a piece of each ready for DNA stable isotope analysis when I get back to the lab. If you want to hear more about the project check out the web site or follow us on twitter @deerproject