5. Interim publication: Roman and early Medieval Crickley Hill

This post outlines my first job of the day – completing and publishing online an interim summary of my research on Roman and post-Roman activity at Crickley Hill

My first job was to finish off a summary report of the Roman and Early Medieval activity at Crickley Hill, and make this accessible online. It will be a while yet before I complete my Crickley research and finish writing-up this work, so as a number of people have asked me if I have a summary available, I have created an interim document. I have decided to put this online using Scibd – I’ll provide a link to the webmaster of the Council for British Archaeology Southwest Group (CBA SW), to enable access to the report from their webpage, if they feel this would be useful to members of the branch, and to visitors of their website.

Locating references within the text


Locating reference within the citation list

Entering information within the citation list

I firstly completed the list that provided the references for other works I had cited in the report, by going through the document, getting the information from my bibliographies, and obtaining missing information from an online archaeological bibliography:

BIAB Online

Then I formatted the list of reference works to the desired style:

Formatting the citation list

And created a PDF copy for online access:

Converting Word file to PDF

Document in PDF

I then uploaded this to Scribd, provided an abstract, and emailed the webmaster for CBA SW, providing him with a link for the paper:

Document in Scribd

I will later provide a link to this paper on academic sites such as Selected Works:

Selected Works

And Academia.edu:


I’ll also notify people of this paper using various social networking media, such as Twitter, on my ‘CrickleyHillAD’ & ‘KJ_Archaeology’ profiles:

Twitter 'CrickleyHillAD'


Twitter 'KJ_Archaeology'

Facebook and LinkedIn:


And my Crickley Blog:

'Crickley Hill AD' Blog

I’ll move on to another job now…



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