A day as an archaeology student interested in Public Archaeology

As an archaeology student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, I have learnt and have been able to do so many interesting things that made me more passionate about archaeology every day. Something I have also learnt is the importance of engaging the public in archaeology and informing them about our heritage. I have become very interested in Public Archaeology the past two years, and have therefore chosen to focus on this aspect for my Master’s thesis – in particular about blogging.

Concerning public outreach activities, there have always been target groups that have been easy to reach because they already have an interest in archaeology. There have also been target groups that are harder to reach, as for instance young adults (18-30 years old). The latter often seem to be avoided because of their lack of interest. However, this seems to be an on-going process; to raise interest in archaeology and our heritage, an improvement of knowledge is needed – which will not happen if these target groups are avoided.

I am still in the very first stages of writing my thesis. However, the above-mentioned ‘dilemma’ has made me interested in ways to make archaeology more accessible for young adults, in particular concerning the use of blogs and social media. To be able to find out if these methods make archaeology more accessible for this age group, I will be conducting visitor studies and want to find out more about the readers of blogs about archaeology and their age. A great example of a wonderful and interesting blog about archaeology is, of course, the blog you are visiting right now: A Day of Archaeology.

So, if you are reading this blogpost and are willing to help me with my research, I would appreciate it very much. I have created a small questionnaire, which will not take more than a couple of minutes, I promise. It does not matter what age you are, every reader is of significance for my research. You can find it here. Thanks in advance!