A day as an archaeology student – help me graduate!


As an archaeology student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, I have learnt and done so many interesting things that made me more passionate about archaeology every day. Something I have also learnt is the importance of engaging the public in archaeology and informing them about our heritage. I have become very interested in Public Archaeology the past two years, and have therefore chosen to focus on this aspect for my Master’s thesis.

Public archaeology has been developing considerably in the Netherlands for the last couple of years, yet much can still be improved concerning public outreach activities. This is why I have decided to focus my research on communication methods that are favourable in our current digital age and might make archaeology more accessible for a wider public.

For my research I will be looking at several blogs from the USA and UK and Ireland; in these countries blogging seems widely accepted and used a lot as a tool in creating support for archaeology, and I have come across some very interesting and successful blogs. The Day of Archaeology is one of them! I will be comparing these blogs to Dutch blogs about archaeology.

To be able to explore how blogging in archaeology contributes to public archaeology, I am questioning both the bloggers and readers of blogs. I would therefore like to ask you, as a reader of the Day of Archaeology blog, some questions. I have set up a small questionnaire which can be found HERE. It will not take more than about 5 minutes, AND you have a chance in winning 6 issues of Archaeology Magazine. So go on and help me graduate! 🙂 thanks in advance!

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