A day drawn in my… life

It is 18:53 when I start writing this year… First moment I can actually stop for a bit and do something else. I have been procrastinating a bit this morning, I recognize it. Once I started seeing all these posts popping up my timeline I couldn’t resist. But today my life is not about the day of Archaeology like last year… unfortunately I have another enterprise to go for. Well, two of them.

My day started at 7:13 with the noise of the air conditioning machine of my neighbor running as always. I have the feeling he pays alone for one full salary in the electricity company… 24/7 AC running during the summer. Light was already too much to fall asleep again, so I woke up and went for a short run. It was already 25º outside. Now it is 33º (we are lucky today). Cereals for breakfast, toilet routine (yes, archaeologists also poop if you ever doubted it), and time to start working.

What am I doing now? A f****** PhD. I really hate some moments of my life lately. Basically those when I am writing the thesis. I love the topic, I even like what I write, but when you have a sword over your head you don’t enjoy it at all. The sword, a deadline. The deadline, November. Today is the 173rd day since I started writing —you can follow it in Instagram. Work does not let me write that much, so I really don’t know how many of these days I actually used for the PhD. Not many.

Some Instagram pictures of my PhD diary

Some Instagram pictures of my PhD diary

Actually, at noon I went to pick up a book in the print. One of the activities I do in my company (JAS Arqueología) is the editorial and this month I have had a lot of work. The book is the Spanish edition of Archaeology and the senses, by Yannis Hamilakis. A year and a half to finish it… but worth. After lifting 9 boxes of books, preparing some mailing for the distributors and all that, it was already lunchtime.

Front cover of the Spanish edition of Yannis Hamilakis book; Archaeology and the senses

Front cover of the Spanish edition of Yannis Hamilakis book; Archaeology and the senses

I guess you don’t need to know what I ate… but gazpacho is a great fresh soup for the summer… And thanks to the energy it provides, I managed to finish (like really finish) one chapter of my thesis right now! Yeah! So now, maybe some dinner and more PhD? I love my life lately, did I say it? And well, I guess the life of an archaeologist is not always fun in the field, or fun in the lab, or fun at all 😉

My screen... with Annex 1 of the PhD thesis

My screen… with Annex 1 of the PhD thesis

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  1. Ha ha, the moment I saw the featured photo I knew it was yours this post. Nice one!

  2. I am so predictable 😛

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