A Day in the Life of an Archaeology Intern

This post is also available in Welsh here.

For the last two months I’ve been on a placement with Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales in Cardiff. This has served partly as work experience, and partly as a break from my PhD avidly studying Bronze Age metalwork.

A typical day at the museum begins as any good day should: with a cup of tea!

There’s no one thing I do on a standard day – part of the beauty of working in archaeology and in a museum is that you have to respond to whatever is going on at that time! Last week I was writing up a report for a Bronze Age hoard, yesterday I sifted through an excavation archive for a Medieval settlement, today I’m focusing on public outreach and social media for the History and Archaeology department, and next week… who knows!

This eclectic mix is part of what drew me to archaeology. Digging and discovering new things is only one element of the story. Beyond that there’s research, analysis, curation, conservation, illustration, outreach, and so much more.

My list of ongoing projects sits proudly on my desk

My time at the museum is helping me understand all these different facets and I’m lucky to be working with such a great bunch of people with a range of specialisms. Every conversation is a learning opportunity, and archaeology constantly challenges me. So whether it’s compiling databases of ancient gold, or sticking pots back together, my average day is never dull.

Some of the material I’ve been working on

And on that note, I now have to go help out with a behind-the-scenes talk on extinct animals in Wales!