A Day in the Life of an Investigator for the RCAHMW

My name is Spencer Gavin Smith and I work as an Investigator for the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments for Wales, based in Aberystwyth. I’m also working on my PhD on the topic of ‘Parks, Gardens and Designed Landscapes of Medieval Wales and the Marches’. So my posts through the day will reflect either my job (which I love), or what I do for academic fun! (which I also love).

Today, as on most days, I’ve checked my e-mails at home to see if I’ve received anything archaeologically or historically useful from my friends in America and Canada. If I have, then I know it’s there for me to look at when I get home from work. I’ve promised a friend some archaeological and historical information on 16th and 17th Century deer hunting practices for her to look at and we can compare to how deer hunting is portrayed in Robin Hood ballads of the same period, so it’s a useful trade of information.

I’ve caught the train to work, so I tend to use the hour and a half to work on any academic papers I have on the go. At the moment I’m writing up, editing or proof reading papers on Medieval Leper Houses in North Wales; Post-Medieval occupation of Castles which had fallen out of use and no longer functioned as castles and the structural history of a medieval parish church in Cheshire.