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“Arheološki Informator”

archaeological report journal

“Arheološki informator” is a report journal for the field of archeology and the other disciplines that explore and preserve the cultural heritage. Behind this project is the Association Menelaj from Prilep that primarily deals with research, promotion, presentation and protection of the cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia. The journal is published biannually, online on its website (informator.com.mk) and its printing is envisaged once a year as a joint edition.

We are currently expecting the first issue of the journal, which should happen soon, and also the call for papers for “Arheološki informator 2” is underway. The association Menelaj – Prilep was established in 2015 and it is accomplishing its goals through the implementation and participation in various projects such as: “Maintenance, promotion and presentation of Arheo-Park Brazda”, “Ours – a campaign for the actualization of the cultural heritage, increasing interest and raising the collective awareness for its significance, as basic preventive measures for its protection “,” Kale Lokveni – archaeological excavations “, etc.

In the recent years, the scientific areas that deal with the cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia have witnessed numerous and significant research, but unfortunately, we must admit that in many cases the results have not been presented in the form of professional academic papers. The shutdown of certain professional and scientific journals resulted in the localization of the results of a large number of conducted research. The professional workers have faced a lack of “fresh” reference data of interest for the issues they were working on.

The flow of information between them, to a large extent, was reduced to personal contacts and communications. The solution to this problem was apparent, we needed a professional journal that would bridge the isolation of the results and the new currents in the areas that deal with the Macedonian cultural heritage as well as the authors themselves. On the other hand, the more frequent presence in the media, primarily of the news related to archeology, “provoked” an increased interest of the wider public about the Macedonian cultural heritage.

Here, the pseudo-science saw a chance to fill this empty space created by the inaccessibility to the true scientific and professional works with various “fantastic” theories. “Arheološki informator” as a project and an idea is a product of this unfortunate situation, with the primary goal of linking the results and the scientists and professionals from the country, and with a secondary goal, to make the research of the cultural heritage available for the domestic and the international public.

To maintain the level of relevance of a journal is not a simple task and for that reason a highly professional editorial board was created. The Editor-in-Chief is Elica Maneva, Ph.D. – a full-time professor at the Art History and Archeology Department at the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University of Skopje, the other members are: Bosko Angelovski, Ph.D. – senior research associate at the Institute of Old Slavic Culture – Prilep; Zoran Rujak, MA  – senior curator at the NI Institute and Museum Strumica; Ordance Petrov, MA – assistant-researcher at the Institute for Old Slavic Culture Prilep; Murgoski Aleksandar – president of the association Menelaj – Prilep. During the creation of the journal, a number of experts were consulted and the editorial board would like to thank them for the unreserved support and the constructive advices and remarks.

During the preparations, we wanted to emphasize the spirit of the time in which we live in as a particularly important factor for the quality and the further success of the journal. The Internet, and with it, the easier and faster access to information enabled a more detailed look into the issues that affect large geographical regions. Thus, the need for information about the research results and the new trends in the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia was also felt outside the country borders. For this reason, the magazine is published primarily online and bilingual, that is, on Macedonian and English.

The quantity of existing, but unpublished professional materials entailed in this stage, the electronic form of the journal to be published twice a year. For the online version of “Arheološki informator”, a web site (www.informator.com.mk) was created through the Open Journal System developed by the Public Knowledge Project. Thus, on the one hand the authors would be easily informed about the form of the requested papers, as well as the way that they should be submitted, and on the other hand the readers would get a free preview and download of the current and previous issues of the journal. However, a printed version of the journal as a joint edition is also envisaged, which will be issued once a year, after the publishing of the first two numbers.

The informative character of the journal entailed that it covers a wide range of topics related to the cultural heritage of Macedonia, such as: reports from archeological field and laboratory research; presentations of significant individual and group findings; reports from conservation and restoration research; reports from surveys; book reviews; presentations of master and doctoral theses; presentations of conferences, symposiums and other scientific gatherings, as well as bibliographies of colleagues or on a specific issues. The deadlines for submitting the papers are fixed on May 31 and November 30 in the current year.

The association Menelaj – Prilep, with the project “Arheološki informator” was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. While this represents a kind of affirmation of this idea, the need for such a journal is also confirmed by the 26 authors who responded to the call for papers for the first issue of the journal and submitted their papers. The first issue of the journal is at its final stage and its publication is expected soon. At the same time, the call for papers for the second issue of the journal is active, and its publication is planned at the end of the year.

The editorial board of the journal “Arheološki informator” believes that the idea and the diligence of the journal will contribute to the development of the scientific thought, oriented towards the past of the Republic of Macedonia and reflected in the country’s cultural heritage. For this reason, we encourage the authors for mutual cooperation through, at the moment, the only professional journal of this kind in Macedonia, which enables them to receive international affirmation and to engage in the discussions oriented towards the larger geographical regions that cover the territory of R. Macedonia as well.


Aleksandar Murgoski

Menelaj – Prilep