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International student journal for Archaeology and History of Art “AXIOS”

Day of Archaeology 2017

Since its foundation in 2001, the Association of Archaeology Students “Axios” – Skopje represents the main form of organization of the students from the Department of Archaeology and History of Art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, Macedonia. In the past 16 years, over a hundred members passed through the ranks of this Association, every one of them giving their own contribution in the realization of about 20 project with the purpose of promoting Archaeology, History of Art and their related sciences, as well as improving the quality of the studies of the same.

In that direction, one of the key activities of “Axios” was the publishing of popular newsletters through which the students could inform themselves about news connected to their studies, practical field work and getting acquainted about new archeological discoveries and methods of work in Macedonia and the world. So, the Association started with the publishing of the newsletter “Pintadera” in 2005, and in 2012, with the newsletter “Archaeofacts”.

In 2016, we decided to go one step further and at the end of the summer opened a call for papers for the first issue of the yearly student journal for scientific papers “AXIOS”. Namely, the Association set a goal for publishing a journal that will follow the format of the standard professional scientific publications, in which the students will have the opportunity to publish their first thoughts and views related to the profession that they have chosen and the topics of research that interest them.

Eligible for sending papers were all students, regardless of the type of studies that they have enrolled in – undergraduate or postgraduate, and the only precondition for the texts was that they should be written by following the usual standards for writing professional scientific papers. We have chosen an open access electronic format for the journal, as the most practical for maximizing its reach among the young internet generation.

The second important goal that we defined as key for “AXIOS” is the possibility of interconnection between the students and their acquaintance with the work of their colleagues from different countries i.e. to have an international character. We decided that the ‘skeleton’ of the journal, as well as the summaries of all the papers, will be written in English, while giving the authors freedom to write the main body of their texts in the language that they think is most appropriate or suits them the best.

An extra motive for the ‘internationalization’ of the journal was the collaboration that the Association “Axios” had that year with students from the Department of Archeology and History of Art at the Georg-August University from Gottingen, Germany, which also resulted with a published paper by them in the first issue of the journal. Besides them, several students of Archeology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia, also had their own papers published in “AXIOS”.

After the collection of all the papers and their technical editing and proofreading, the first issue of the international student journal for papers from the fields of Archeology and History of Art “AXIOS” was published in January 2017, consisted out of fourteen different texts that covered topics starting from the beginnings of the monetary economy on the Balkans, the ancient development of the Maleshevo region, the luxury homes of the wealthy citizens from the Roman period on the territory of Macedonia, the spiritual background of the ancient mystery cults of Mithras and the Danubian horsemen, the symbolic aspects of hermaphroditic deities in old mythologies, the political and economic ordeals in medieval Byzantium, Scandinavia and the Ottoman Empire, up to physical anthropology skeletal analyses and digital studying of some of the most valuable ‘pearls’ of the  medieval Macedonian fresco paintings.

The issuing of the journal was followed with an appropriate solemn promotion and presentation of some of the published papers, which caused a significant interest, both from the professional public, as well as from the media in the country – all reactions with positive messages of praise, support and encouragement.

With the wind in our backs from colleagues, friends and professors, as well as with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia, this 2017, with the same rapture, we started the preparations for the second issue of the journal “AXIOS”. The rules known, the call for papers opened, the date for publishing is the second part of October – we are looking forward to your applications!

Igor Eftimovski
SAA Axios