A morning’s progress in Norton

We have completed the plan of the southern arm of Trench IV, which is now being checked. We’ll be getting the levels once the Temporary Bench Mark is surveyed in. Context descriptions for the features in this area are also completen while Sid has done a great job in cleaning up the chalk of the henge bank.
Over lunch, our supervisor Caoimhín shot some video footage, which we’ll be posting to the group’s blog once it’s been edited.

Progress is reasonable and we’ve achieved what I’d hoped to achieve by lunchtime. It’s wonderful to be in the field: this is why I became an archaeologist and what I love most about my job. The landscape here is rural, despite being next to the industrial area of Letchworth Garden City and with the noise of the A1 motorway (thankfully hidden in a cutting!) constantly in my ears. There is all manner of wildlife here: birds, butterflies, a startled dormouse, wild flowers… It’s almost idyllic and certainly far better than staring at a PC screen in my office!

The base of the henge bank showing as an arc of chalk

The base of the henge bank showing as an arc of chalk

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