Ace artefacts back from the conservator!

It is always nice when objects come back from the conservator, and today was certainly no different!

We at Allen Archaeology are usually out and about excavating sites in advance of developments up and down the country; the majority provide limited glimpses into the past but every now and then we uncover some amazing archaeology. 2014 has been an impressive year so far with inhumations and cremations dating to the Iron Age, Romano-British, Saxon and medieval periods, as well as settlements and field systems, and even two previously unknown marsh forts!

Today has proved especially enjoyable as some of the artefacts that our staff have recovered from the ground have now returned from the conservation laboratory where they have been painstakingly cleaned and conserved.


This item may not look particularly interesting but it is in fact an Iron Age sword that has been deliberately broken close to the top of the blade, with the grip to the left.

The sword is somewhat intriguing as it was found in a large defensive ditch next to a body…

Also nearby was this rather splendid glass bracelet which may have been imported from across the channel at some point before the Roman invasion.

Iron Age glass bangle