ADS at the Center for Digital Heritage Summer School



Today I am at the Centre for Digital Heritage Summer School (CDH). It’s the second day of a training workshop hosted by the University of York and organised by Gareth Beale. The summer school was  designed to help newcomers from any discipline learn the essential skills needed to build and run a successful digital heritage project; from getting the funding to archiving your data.

The day began with excellent talks from Kate Giles (Archaeology; University of York) and Damian Murphy (Electronics; University of York) on their own Digital Heritage projects.

I was there to present with my colleague Catherine Hardman the work of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) and to impart to the attendees the experiences ADS has gathered from over 15 years of curating digital material. The aim of our talk was to explore real world examples of Digital Heritage projects, highlighting the practical pitfalls of creating, managing, curating, and using digital data, by comparing successful data management examples with flawed projects. We covered everything from projects with amazingly detailed metadata, through to those with ‘dirty’ data to photos of cats in tents!

We hope that after spending two days of hearing how Data Management Planning is KEY to a successful digital heritage project, that all the attendees will go on to create excellently managed digital heritage projects.

The rest of the day was dedicated to designing prospective digital heritage projects. Check out Hannah Simons Day of Archaeology blog post to read more about the excellent project ideas that were developed (including some great pics).

All the attendees of the summer school really got involved and without the excellent enthusiasm of the attendees the summer school wouldn’t have been the great success it was, so a big thanks go out to everyone involved and to Gareth for organising a great 2 days.