4 thoughts on “Ahliyyah School for Girls Archaeological Club

  1. Serra Head says:

    What a wonderful looking program! How cool would it be for these girls to grow up and rock the archaeology world as professionals? I’d love to know more about the group.

  2. khawla goussous says:

    Thank you Serra.
    I will keep you updated with my new activities.

  3. Arwa Badran says:

    A wonderful club indeed. It is the first, and the only one of its kind in Jordan. I have seen Khawlah and her team of young enthusiasts at work every other weekend during school term. The girls enjoy it so much. They are curious, motivated, eager to learn about past communities and about archaeology (excavation techniques, pottery dating, interpretation). Research undertaken by Khawlah and myself revealed the girls’ increasing understanding and appreciation for their heritage and its protection. In fact, some of the ex-members of this club have graduated from university and are now working in the heritage sector. Well done!

  4. khawla goussous says:

    Thank you Dr. Arwa for the comment and for your continuous support. I love your beautiful ideas and would always love to work with you.

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