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Lab volunteers wash artifacts from the Shuter's Hill site in Alexandria, Virginia

Lab volunteers wash artifacts from the Shuter’s Hill site in Alexandria, Virginia

Since 1995, staff archaeologists and volunteers with the Alexandria Archaeology Museum have been working to excavate a site on the grounds of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial that sits high on a bluff overlooking the historic downtown area of Alexandria, Virginia. The site — known as Shuter’s Hill (44AX175) — was once the location of an 18th century plantation, as well as a second home built in the mid-19th century when the plantation home burned. Artifacts associated with the Civil War era occupation of the city have also been uncovered. More information about the Shuter’s Hill site is available here.

Shuter's Hill (44AX175) site (Alexandria, Virginia)

Shuter’s Hill (44AX175) site (Alexandria, Virginia)

During the Day of Archaeology, our dedicated team of volunteers continued the investigation of Shuter’s Hill. Field volunteers at the site worked long hours through the summer heat to uncover items associated with the early plantation and 19th century home. At the museum, our lab volunteers were busy washing artifacts and preparing them for identification and cataloging.

The Alexandria Archaeology Museum is free and open to the public. We can always count on a steady stream of visitors, including many students, families, tourists and local history buffs. In addition to our staff and lab volunteers, the museum was truly abuzz during this year’s Day of Archaeology!

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