AMTTA’s #DayofArch (A Short English version)

*This is a summary of our post in Spanish for non-Spanish readers

When we decided to join Day of Archaeology, we felt we needed to do something special. AMTTA was born in 2007 to try dignify our sector, so we spended four years drafting a labour agreement for Madrid… that adventure failed (at least as we programmed it), so we put a larger effort in our outreach activities and other objectives.

Among them, our star project for the coming years was ‘Combates por la Historia‘ (Combats for History). We aimed to create and promote different routes in order to value and socialuze hidden, forgotten and destroyed heritage in Madrid. The first of the routes is ‘Campus de Batalla’ (Battle Campus) about the remains of the fights in Ciudad Universitaria during the Spanish Civil War. We used the information of the research conducted in 2008 [see blog of the team]. The only remaining memory of the conflict is the one represented by the fascist monuments in Moncloa and the Campus. Nobody wanted to recover the memory of the conflict itself, so we decided to use the materials available (as some of our members take part in the research group) and do it ourselves as a starting point for our project.

This is what we presented the 29th, the project and the route, with a guided tour to the 7 points we chose and the placement of several posters with info of each point.

En el punto 4


[You can follow the route in images here]

In the afternoon, we participated in a round table about heritage and the crisis, organized by a platform we joined this month, Madrid Ciudadanía y Patrimonio, showing our worry about the moral and economic crisis that is affecting archaeology after the ‘building boom’ of the 90s and 20s. In this context, we wanted to introduce a debate about a new law that the regional government of Madrid is planning, which lives the door open to the destruction of cultural (especially archaeological) heritage [see news in Spanish]. Once again heritage is the victim of negligent politicians.

[see photos of the event here – by MCyP]

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