An Exciting End to the Day

The day turned out to be very exciting as, at last, we have entered the 21st century with satellite broadband. This morning, 3 minutes per Mb, yes you read that right. Now, unimaginable speeds.

Why does that matter so much? Time was, as a contracting archaeological surveyor I would have to go down to Edinburgh, over 4 hours drive each way, to look at databases and archives, and noted findings manually onto paper maps with pens and tippex. Now it’s all online, including reporting, and digital mapping has been a real headache.

Now I’ve no excuse. It has seemed to me recently that good skills in identifying archaeological sites in the field, interpretation and placing them in their historical context, which I’m good at, comes definitely second to being able to keep up with technological advances. It’s hard as an independent contractor, with no buzzing office full of IT geeks to help out and no salary to allow time out for training. Still, all that time I can now waste watching YouTube clips…