Archaeo-drome project. Being teachers to be archaeologists!

Hi everybody,

It’s a pleasure to join Day of Archaeology 2016. Today I wish to share our project in Murcia (Spain), the Archaeodrome. This is a project based on the excavation of a site with teens, kids and people of the local communities, in order to engage young people in Archaeology labours. Also it is useful for us, young archaeologists without jobs, to be archaeologists but through being teachers.

We do this every summer, in July, in collaboration with the Murcia City Council, Cepaim foundation, and La Estación communitarian center, and also with our association Arqueología de Guardia.


This year 2016 an amount of 15 young people participated in the Archaeodrome excavation, as you can see in the pics. Further, it helps me to develop creative practices in the context of an archaeological excavation, thinking theoretical and practically in Creative Archaeology and the blurring of the frontiers between Art and Archaeology.



See you!

Best regards,

José A. Mármol