Archaeologist on Holiday

For private reasons we spend our summer holidays on the island of Mallorca since more than ten years. So I’m probably the most relaxed contributor to the Day of Archaeology.

If I wasn’t here, I should be sitting in my office at Mainz University of Applied Sciences where I teach many technical aspects of archaeology; mainly topics related to computing but also surveying like GPS, terrestrial Laserscanning and the like.

The last couple of days I was thinking about what to do on this special day so I dropped some lines in my blog yesterday and twittered it out to the world also via facebook. I asked for a mission, something useful for others to do on this archaeologically rich island.

I reaction early this morning came in from a colleaque asking for sites that are meaningful to the continuity from Roman to the Muslim period.

So I guess I’ll start planning a trip, probably to the museum at Montuïri which I remember to offer some up to date information on the late Roman/early Muslim history of the island. The museum is run by the Fundación Son Fornés and is closely related to the excavations of the nearby Talayot of Son Fornés. There should be archaeologists around I could ask. Let’s see…

The offer is still open, though. Any other ideas how I could help your research during this day of archaeology by travelling around on Mallorca?