Archaeology Festival in Azerbaijan



The archaeology festival was arranged in the medieval town of Agsu’s Archaeological Tourism Complex on 24 July 2015. Archaeological explorations were launched in Agsu in 2010. Within this period, an area of more than 15,000 sq/m was explored, revealing a part of fortress walls, handicraft estate, mosque, store-house, bath-comples, water supply, and sewer line from Agsu. Also, a 16th-century Khanegah complex in the Shikhmezid quarter was discovered at the same time. For the past three years the Agsu Archaeological Expedition uncovered a 12-hectare area belonging to early Middle Ages near the Bayimli village of Agsu in Mehravan city. The city was one of mighty states in the time of Caucasus Albania. The more interesting finds from Mehravan include Sasanyds, Roman, and Byzantine coins, local Albanian coins, as well as jewelry from various countries via cultural and trade relations proving many facts about Mehravan history.






The Agsu archaeological complex was turned into a world-renowned scientific and tourism center in Azerbaijan.





A photo exposition entitled “Agsu Archaeological Wxplorations—5 years” was arranged for the festival. The chief of the Agsu archaeological expedition, Professor Gafar Jabiyev, handed some of the finds from the medieval Agsu town, Shikhmezid archaeological monument, and Kalagayili village, to the Agsu History and Local Lore Museum on the basis of a relevant act.






The festival’s participants familiarized themselves with the finds from the above-mentioned archaeological areas. The festival also included a mugham concert and poetry contest.




There was a quiz about archaeological science with young archaeologists. Also part of the festival, an inclusive tour was carried out for people with disabilities. A practical exercise will be also held near the Bayimli excavation of Agsu.