The future will be the past

Hello, and happy Day of Archaeology to all of you.

We are an Archaeology studio, Flashback Archaeologica, formed by a couple who enjoy every second they have and with a personal purpose: introducing people to the values of Archaeology -our authentic vocation and proud profession. Apart from the classical activities carried out by an Archaeology company, we combine our educative labor in Archaeo-workshops with our Flashback merchandising.

Recently we have recorded a video that resumes the concepts we define in our Archaeomanifesto, the cornerstone of our project; a compendium of the feelings that our discipline, Archaeology, transmit us.  We have tried to capture on it all the sensations that Archaeology evokes in terms of  Roy Batt (the famous Blade Runner replicant). We seek to convey all the emotions, dreams, experiences and the history of humankind through the eyes of the archaeologist. Timeless and universal, the narrative is part of the maxim “The future will be the past”.

Although it is not translated to English, you can read the Archaeomanifesto’s text in our website, and discover it. We hope you will enjoy it. Is has been made to acknowledge our work, underground and underwater, in the suffocating heat or with scarce resources:

MANIFIESTO 50x70 es-en


Best Regards:

Fran et Oly