#ArchiveLottery 2016 part 3: environmental finds

One of my favourite #ArchiveLottery sections, it’s time to go small.

Included in this hour has been some fish bone

fish bone

and then there was some fruit seeds


and we’ve also seen some nut shells

nut shell

Fire up the barbie as we also had some charcoal


and thanks to @BodCons we also picked a coprolite! Poop!


And they were very pleased 🙂

poop praise

Time for the metals! These objects are stored separately. A dehumidified store, sealed boxes and silica gel help us maintain these objects to a high degree of preservation as they’d slowly degrade in normal room conditions. Tweet me@AdamCorsini using #ArchiveLottery & a number between 1 and 500 to discover, completely at random, what that shelf holds…