#ArchiveLottery 2016 part 4: metals

We’ve having fun and hope you are too. Here’s the metal objects that your random shelf numbers have found for us.

Lead-ing the way is this fantastic pilgrim badge from shelf 253. Thanks to @Lucinda_Dixon for picking this number.


Check out this finger ring from excavations at Hay’s Dock which was chosen via @the_deku_scrub’s shelf number, 365


There’s obviously been this – Iron nails feature heavily in our metal store but really, our own @Kath_Creed should have known better


And how about this to get you excited….


We’re still uncertain whether it’s a potter’s tool (It is from Lambeth close to the area’s pottery workshops…) or whether its a pastry jigger. What do you think? Either way, nice one @amelia_dowler for selecting shelf 300 to get this one.

And of course how could we do a metal store #ArchiveLottery without some unfortunate person getting this:


Metals were fun (lots more if you search for #ArchiveLottery on twitter), but stick with us as it’s time for the most important bit of the archive – the paper records!!! Tweet me @AdamCorsini using the hashtag #ArchiveLottery with a number between 1 and 431