Monrepos is engaged in the research of the early parts of the history of mankind, although the first part of this– the origins and expansion of modern man- is covered by the department of Palaeolithic studies. The Department for Prehistory researches the time following this period. In Europe, this includes the periods from the Neolithic until the appearance of written word in Middle Europe during Roman occupation. In the Middle East, this is the period leading up to the downfall of the old Oriental Empire of Mesopotamia, and in northern and western Africa, until the beginning of Islamisation and European expansion. Our Museum is still closed for renovation.

A Day in Monrepos

My name is Sonja Grimm and I’m an Archaeologist in MONREPOS Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution (Neuwied, Germany).

This was my Day of Archaeology 2012:

It’s graphs day today! Helped out a Dutch colleague with a map of the
distribution of the Havelte Group (a northern European facies in the
Weichselian Lateglacial) and made some graphs for the material chapter of
my dissertation. Maybe, I’ll start my first trials with QuantumGIS with
some maps later today.

A Day in Monrepos-Archaeological Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution

I’m an archaeologist in Monrepos – Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution. Our Centre is located in Neuwied in Germany -between Frankfurt and Cologne. As mentioned above we are interested in everything related with the Ice Age. We consist in a group of scientists, volunteers, students and technical employeers.

Our building is an old castle that is still in the renovation period. Thats the reason why our Museum is closed since November 2010.

Since last year my daily work was in the museum or museum related. I did the guide tours for kids and adults. At the moment I’m doing the public relation work, mostly the Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Co, beside other organisational things.

I think Public Relation is very important in the archaeological fields. So I’m really happy about the Archaeological Day 2012. If we are only doing our researches the rest of the world will not be interested what we are doing and we don’t get their support and they will not understand why our work is important for them. So we need more “mediators” between Archaeologists and the Public.