The Open Archaeology and the community’s sense

In recent years the Archaeology from closed discipline, often restricted mainly to specialists, became an open science.

From specialized conferences the archaeologists are now talking on the web, thanks especially to the social network platforms. New accounts are born every day, telling about excavations, explaining museums and showing the job’s backstage.

Pietro Fabris. Excavation of the Isis Temple in Pompeii

Also the meeting with open data community helps this knowledge opening process, supporting to build of new dissemination languages ​used in order to spread the knowledge on not only about what archeology is, but also on the activities that “digital” archaeologists do. Because archaeology is not just digging, but also mapping, digitization, archiving and communication.

In this great social flow, archaeologists from around the world meet each other, connected by different levels and themes.

But how is possible to create a global professional network going over to a tweet or an hastag #? Are already borned, from the web, new communities? Will we, in the near future, to be a global archeo community able to share knowledge? Is it right to talk about the “social”role of the archeologist?