Studying Hard, Hoping to Pass (Trento, Italy)

Trento, Italy

I’m currently preparing for a rare “concorso pubblico” (public competitive exam) in the hottest week of the summer (so far) ..with no real hopes but with good friends (so it seems less hard). In the meanwhile, I  hope to receive a call to begin working at  an excavation site because -of course- I want-like-need to work.

Livia Stefan, Italian National Association of Archaeologists

Our Day of Archaeology in Montescudaio (Pisa, Italy)

Centro di Documentazione Intercomunale di Archeologia Medievale e Postmedievale della Bassa Val di Cecina

Medieval Benedictine monastery of St. Maria in La Badia Montescudaio (PI)

The excavations started in 2005 and were completed in 2010, now we are completing work on the opening to the public.
The team is composed of professional archaeologists and researchers from the University of Pisa. In these months we are studying the finds (pottery, metal and bones) and organizing the archaeological record for final publication and WebGIS.

Thanks to archaeological research in the municipality of Montescudaio (PI), which started back in 2004, today we achieved a complete map of the main evidences and the most important monuments of cultural interest.
Among  these, since the beginning of the survey emerged the so called “Badia” (abbey), the Benedectine convent dedicated to Saint Mary born at the end of the XI century. Its significance is due both to the importance of the site through the centuries and to the strong connections between the monastery and the town community.
And it’s exactly in the area known as “Badia” that, since the summer 2005, with the cooperation between the municipal administation and the University of Pisa, the archaeological research is recovering the remains of this beautiful church ad the surrounding cloister.

Yuri Alese
Monica Baldassarri
Giuseppe Clemente 
Marcella Giorgio
Francesca Lemm
Cristina Otera
Silvia Rezza 
Claudia Sciuto
(Italian National Association of Archaeologists)



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