The mundane and the awesome….

There’s approximately 2.4 billion projects seemingly happening at Big Heritage at the moment, mostly tying in with the fact that half the primary schools in Merseyside are in blind panic mode for the new KS2 prehistory topic and are asking us to help them before September term. Beyond this, the office is split into two camps…..

Discovering Bromborough 2.0 has now kicked off in earnest and around 40 people are signed up to excavate with us over the weekend. This will also include people who are coming out of the criminal justice system, and we’ve been working closely with relevant bodies to ensure the project can offer a way for people to integrate themselves back into wider society through archaeology. It’s the first time we’ve done this however, so who knows how it’s going to go! We’re integrating everyone into mixed groups and no one is being singled out or any backgrounds shared with anyone other than the immediate project team.

Secondly, as we’ve got some wine expertise in the office, we have been embarking on a new project that combines wine and archaeology, which includes tasting some reconstructed recipes of Columella and Apicius, as well as working with Grosvenor Museum in Chester to loan out some of their wine-related objects to illustrate the talks with some awesome material culture. As a key event is close upon us, we’re having a mini tasting in the office this afternoon so expect some more drunken posts as the day progresses!