Typical day of not doing what I set out to!

Well, first off I’m Blair and have the fortune of working at L – P : Archaeology. One of the main bonus points of working at L – P is the variety of work we get a chance to undertake. Experience is the key here. No matter how much I love getting dirty in deep strat trenches, getting the chance to build up experience in landscape survey, historic research, building recording and reporting keeps you driven. But, I’m now rambling and sounding like a cross between an advert for L – P and a personal statement for a CV. Better get blogging.

Today I had easy plans. First off sort out accomodation for site next week, meet a client to discuss further work. Follwed by site prep for aformentioned site. In between all this a few bits of co-ordinating specialists for a couple of other ongoing sites and writing risk assessments. Just to top the day off, it was also my close colleagues last day. So many a cake was to be eaten.

As you can guess, what really happened did not quite follow this basic pattern.

I got in for 6.30 this morning (the joys of a five week old daughter who seems to enjoy dawns early light). Greeted by a request for another quote. OK no problem, I can fit this in (internal monologue of a fool). Start to search for accomodation, only to remember its the eisteddfod in Wrexham. I should remember this as I can hear the singing form my house. This meant that finding a room in the area within a good budget was not going to be easy. After over an hour of phoning around, I received a call from the client pushing back the start date to an unspecified time in the future. So, call the staff and give them the good news. Nice wasted morning.

Then an email arrives cancelling the client meeting. OK, I this is fine, makes life easier not having to head out. Ring ring. Can I go and meet another client at their office. Now things pick up here. Spend over an hour discussing illustrations for publication and preparation of an archive from a research project to get it to archive standards. I’m loving this. How often do site archaeologists get chance to prep an archive and play with prehistroic finds they haven’t dug up.

Back to the office and finally one of my tasks get done. Risk assessments written. Then a dawning realisation that its months end. Upload the monthly billing data for invoicing. By now its getting on (if you’ve got this far, thanks for hanging in there) and we recieve updated CAD software. Great, load that up and have a play. Anger and frustration always rise when you try and install software, especially when you are trying to install software put on sale in 2009 only to find that it doesn’t work in windows 7. After searching for a patch and online help it was decided that it was too late on a Friday. CAKE TIME.

There you go, a day in the life of an archaeologists and no dirt. Can’t wait for next week, fieldwalking and watching briefs galore.