I'm an archaeologist who currently works at Sydney university museums with the collection management team as well as a curatorial assistant of the Nicholson Museum. I'm still studying, completing my honours thesis on my research in the Balkans where I've worked for the past two years on the ceramics from a site called Bylazora. My field experience ranges from Australain contract work- mostly around Sydney, with the Australian team working at the site of The ancient theatre of nea paphos in Cyprus, and as part of an international team working with the People's museum of Sveti nikole and the Texas Foundation for Archaeological and Historical research at the site of Bylazora.

Museums and Archaeology

Hello, my name is Candace and I am an Archaeologist.

The University of Sydney, Main quadrangle

This is wheremy career in archaeology began, at the University of Sydney as an undergraduate in the archaeology Department. And is now where I work for Sydney University Museums.


My role at the Sydney University Museums varies from day to day. I work part time as a Collections Officer with the Collection Management team, as well as part time as a Curatorial Assistant for the Nicholson Museum.  These positions afford me the ability to work with the public and behind the scenes of three very different Musuems and Art Galleries! Today I will be working across all three galleries and in the stores photographing my day as I go. In addition to my daily tasks I will also hopefully find some down time to work on a conference paper I’m presenting in two short weeks on my own archaeological research in Northern Greece and the central Balkans. Follow the captions in the Photo Gallery to see where I am and what I am up to!