From Home With Love x

Unlike my fellow colleagues, who are working industriously in the field or in the lab with great enthusiasm, I am working from home today! As a matter of fact, I have been doing this for a while now. You may think ‘working from home’ is only an excuse for slacking or not getting out of your bed in early mornings, but not for me (okay maybe a little bit!).

The reason why I am tied to my chair with my hands glued to my laptop in my tiny apartment is because I am WRITING UP! After years of working in the field in Belize, polishing hundreds of samples in the lab till my arms sore, freezing/ boiling in the basement laboratory, and in my case a stitched-up thumb (long story!), I have decided that it’s time for me to finish my PhD. The process of writing up the dissertation is a lot more challenging than I would have imagined.


My attire of the day – yes it’s PJs! I’d figure they are the most comfy thing to be in when you are writing…


Of course, there are times that I can just go on and on, even though mostly writing craps. But, there are times that I got stuck with data interpretation and integrating theories into scientific analytical framework. There are also times that I would just stay up all night contemplating on THE question of ‘the Collapse of Maya Civilization’…

One thing I’ve learnt so far is that I work far better at home because if you know me I simply cannot resist the temptation of talking to my colleagues. Also, I have this very bad habit of reading what I have just written out loud, which can be quite annoying at times.I am still at the early stage of writing up my dissertation, if any of you out there are aware of a more effective (or less painful) way of doing so, please let me know!


I’m snowed under by this pile of books!


After all, I am working from home with love – my love for archaeology, Maya civilization, ceramic analysis, and archaeometry (archaeological sciences)! x