Day in the life of an Archaeodog

Hello I’m Pickle I currently live, in Lincoln, with two members of staff, both who apparently have other careers in archaeology.

My day starts with female staff disturbing me as she gets up to go to work. Apparently, there are meetings to go to about future funding opportunities, acoustic models to build and books to read about women’s political history. It’s quite interesting, but the University of York is quite far away. I often hear them complaining how hard it is to get funding in the same city as your partner works in.

Archaeological early starts

Intercity commutes aren’t much fun

Male member of staff is also up. There have been conversations about “hand-in day” being only a week away and I seem to get away with sleeping on the bed for longer than normal without someone interrupting me.

After a bit of a sleep in I decide male member of staff has had long enough swearing at ArcGIS and it must be time to take him to get some fresh air. We head off to the West Common in Lincoln which is one of my favorite routes as I get to assess the state of the ridge and furrow in the best way possible!

Ridge and Furrow on the West Common, Lincoln

Ridge and Furrow on the West Common, Lincoln

Then it’s home for some sofa time with Chapter 8 and male staff.

Pickle proof reading

Proof reading is tough; but someone’s got to do it

I wake up a few hours later to hear grumbling; something about Citation software and university guidelines. Sounds like someone needs a belly rub and a cup of tea.

This placates him for a while until I am rudely awakened from my afternoon nap; I don’t care if Neanderthals responded to climate change or not, sleeping is more important. So off we head to the Cathedral. I suppose I did need to report back to female about whether AAL had started work on the Cathedral Connected project.

Male staff gets straight back to the laptop. It’s getting to that time of day, maybe there will be Friday pints later!

Now all I have to do is wait for female staff to come home. But it might be quite a while, York is very far away….