A certain puzzle

This object was found along a small bay in NW Washington state. I have circulated the images far and wide to many experienced archaeologists. No one has a clue about what it may be. It was found in a shell matrix site (45WH67) and lacks any damaging corrosion, but is metal. It’s not steel, brass, bronze, silver, copper or aluminum. It’s obviously some metal, but no one has been able to even offer a ‘kind’. The 2″ flat spot is intentional. The convex ‘nipple’ is as well. The numbers stamped on it are ‘635’. If it were a cap to something the numbers would read upside down… It is dented, and at the crease of the dent the metal is torn, ragged, but straight. ANYONE have a guess?

This is what it’s like being an archaeologist. We always know how little we know. The world, it’s people and their things are frequently puzzles- some are never fully figured out.


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