Saveock Water Archaeology

Working hard between the showers.

Evidence of burning and a clay surface with rubble.

My Day of Archaeology 2016 was spent at Saveock Water Archaeology as part of a weeks training excavation over seen by Jackie Wood. We started the day by visiting a recreation of an Iron Age roundhouse Jackie has built on her land. This was fascinating to see I’d never been in one and to hear Jackie describe how life was spent inside the round house was very insightful. There were work surfaces, a hearth and an oven, and a raised platform for sleeping on. Next we went back to the excavation in a valley with a stream running through it. We were looking for more evidence of metal working on the site as several smelting ovens had been found and a drainage system was there too. It’s a fascinating site with a natural spring that had votive offerings placed in it mostly textiles. There was a grave cut and pits with animal carcasses and pebbles from local beaches. We found some pottery C17th century and some worked flint. All in all a very interesting day.