I work DNA and proteins from archaeological fish to answer archaeological questions and inform modern aquatic ecology and conservation. Never been on a dig, but I've looked at the biomolecules from a lot of old bones.

At a Conference . . . Connecting with others

We all live on a pale, blue dot spinning in space.  Blue. . . atmosphere. . . water.  I explore the DNA and proteins of archaeological fish bones to understand what happened in the past under the blue surface of the water in order to better understand the lives of those in the past and the future of our present oceans.  I also am starting up a holistic outreach project called Fish ‘n Ships which focuses on connecting modern fishing and food, historical fishing and food, and aquatic ecology (picture below from our opening event).  Today though, I am at a conference: Marie Sktodowsha-Curie Actions (MSCA) ESOF satellite event ‘Research and Society’ because my funding for my job in BioArCh at the University of York comes from MSCA.