Day of Archaeology: It’s the Small Things

An adorable point.

Possibly an Abajo or Dolores Contracting Stem.

Bushwhacking through miles of dense gamble oak and a variety of prickly shrubs for a seemingly endless survey, can dampen the mood of the hardiest of archaeologists.  Yesterday, I found myself covered in bruises and scratches, questioning the sanity of whoever thought surveying the side of a steep ridge with practically zero visibility was a good idea.  And it was 98 degrees and humid.  I was beyond grumpy.  I kept asking myself, ‘why am I doing this?!  How is this worth the trouble?!’  But then a bright white bit of stone caught my eye.  There, right on my transect, was quite possibly the tiniest projectile point I have ever observed on a survey.  This adorable bit of chalcedony snapped me out of my declining mood, reminding me of why I was out there in the first place: to observe and record the past.