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Working on an archaeology magazine means we always get to hear about fascinating projects happening around the UK and Ireland, and sometimes – if we’re lucky – we get to go out and about to see what’s going on.

Fire!Fire! at the Museum of London

The Fire! Fire! exhibition at the Museum of London.

As the Editorial Assistant for Current Archaeology magazine, I had the chance this morning to pop over to the Museum of London to take a look at their new exhibition, Fire! Fire!. It does an excellent job of bringing together the archaeological evidence to highlight the extent of the damage, while using wooden beams, audio, and graphics of smoke and flames to recreate 1666 London. There are microscopes and magnifying glasses to peer through and see burnt tiles and bricks up close, and melted locks and keys from an ironmonger’s stock shown along with their x-rays. Fire buckets and other equipment tell of the attempts to put out the flames, and later developments to the city’s fire defences.

We got the latest issue of Current Archaeology back from the printers today, ready to go on sale on 4th August.

CA 318 back from the printers, ready to go on sale on 4th August.

The exhibition’s curator Merial Jeater spoke to our editor Matt for a feature on the Great Fire of London in the latest issue of Current Archaeology (318), which has just arrived in the office today from the printers. This is probably one of the most rewarding parts of the process – it’s always exciting to see our contributors’ amazing research looking lovely on our pages. We’ve had a final check through to make sure everything has printed correctly, and now it’s ready to go on sale on Thursday 4th.


A sneak preview of the Fire of London feature coming up in this issue.

We do love Hadrian's Wall!

Looking at past issues featuring Hadrian’s Wall, while we plan the conference.

The office is a hive of activity today, as we’re busy working on our upcoming conference Hadrian’s Wall: 40 years of frontier research at the moment too, which we’re holding in partnership with Durham University. So much work goes on behind the scenes of an event like this, and it takes months of planning. The booklet has been proof-read by 3 separate people today, and now that the finishing touches have been made, the final version has been sent over to the printers. We should get this back in the office next week, and then we’ll be sending it out to all the delegates ready for the conference at the start of September.

Deputy Editor Carly hard at work on a fascinating sounding Roman feature

Deputy Editor Carly hard at work on a Roman feature.

We have two other titles here at Current Publishing, and plenty of work is underway on these too. New features are coming in for Current World Archaeology, and issue 72 of Military History Monthly was sent to the printers yesterday, so they’re now moving on to the next cycle of the magazine today. We’re a small publishing company, but there’s always a lot going on!

Lucia Marchini
Editorial Assistant, Current Archaeology

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The latest issue of Current Archaeology, hot of the press!

The latest issue of Current Archaeology, hot of the press!