Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at St. Louis Community College. Extensive fieldwork in USA, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Greece, and the Republic of Macedonia. Still doing adjunct teaching and lecturing on cruise ships. Active fieldwork on relocating and documenting rock art sites in Missouri. Main focus on publishing the results from the fieldwork in Syria.

Day of Archaeology in St. Louis

Today is working with an article about some of the rock art sites in Missouri that date 1000 years ago. I have a theory that relates some of the motifs to solar eclipses! One of the most important rock art sites in Missouri was not properly recorded in the 1940s. The description basically said it was somewhere in 6 square miles of forest land. Yesterday, a colleague found a notebook of another archaeologist from the 1960s and he gives clues to the site location that narrows it to a quarter square mile. Hurray, almost. That land is marked with angry “No Trespassing” signs, so I must find the landowner and carefully negotiate permission to search for the site. My photograph has a coiled serpent in the upper right corner and a fleeing thunderbird (upside down) in the lower left corner. Can you see them? This is my recent picture at the Washington State Park Site (23WA1).