A Day in the Life of… A Community, Commercial, Research Archaeologist

The last time I posted for Day of Archaeology was around 6 years ago.  That makes my head spin slightly even thinking about it.  At that stage, I was a PhD student and comfortably ticking along with my PhD which I eventually completed in 2012.  When I say comfortably, probably not so comfortable because you are always constantly thinking about where you wanted your career to go and what job you wanted.  I faced up to the fact that I did not want to stay in academia, which will probably make some think “why do a PhD then”.  Personally, I do not think PhDs should solely set you up for a career in academia.  Whilst that is the traditional route, I did what was called a Collaborative Doctoral Award PhD which was joint with Historic Scotland (now HES).  That meant undergoing some valuable on-the-job experience with HES for three months, as well as learning some valuable archiving and post-excavation skills alongside the traditional research, writing and presentation skills (to name but a few). (more…)