Silent friday on construction site

Hello! My name is Oskars Uspelis and I am archaeologist and project manager in commercial archaeology company “Archaeological Research” located in Cesis, Latvia. We are small company with five archaeologists. From beginning of April we are working in quite large site – reconstruction of Riga street, which is main street in Cesis Old town. Cesis was founded in 1206 – so important role for archaeology on the site. Archaeology is done parallel with construction works. We hope to finish the site in December.

In the course of street reconstruction, all the pipes (water, drainage etc.) are changed and new ones installed. For us there are three category trenches. First – trenches with pipes and no archaeological remains; second – trenches with pipes and with partial archaeological remains; third – fresh trenches with intact archaeological layers. Each category determines the amount of jobs to be done.

So far we have medieval wooden street structures, 18-20th cobblestone street layers, 19th century drainage and water pipes, 20th century drainage shafts. Doing work updates on our Facebook page

We will take part in Science night in September to present the first results. It we will be done together with local Cesis museum.

Street is not fully closed – sideways are open for pedestrians, so we have full time engagement with local people.

Today was visiting the site, to check how one of the 20th century drainage shaft have been demolished. Silent Friday. Waiting for afternoon to see, if Murphy’s Law will occur.

…and this is our portable field “almost-all-in-one” office, shared with construction workers.