Day as a Community Archaeologist

I am a Community Archaeologist and work on a wide variety of projects. On ‘The Day of Archaeology’ itself I was preparing a session for Young Archaeologists Club for the Saturday so I thought I would tell you a bit about what we got up to.

The session was on Oral Histories so I did a presentation on this and we moved on to interviewing grandparents, parents and each other and continued on our First World War theme as well.  I brought a handling collection in and we scanned some of this, I also brought in maps from this period and modern ones along with aerial photographs and they had great time comparing everything.

The rest of my work is extremely varied for example working with school groups, surveying, working in archives, excavating and leading guided walks to name but a little!

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Finally an Archaeologist!

796px-Swarthmoor_hall_03_07_(5)This year I spent the day preparing work for my A Level Archaeology class on how maps, documentary evidence, geophysics and aerial photography can help us to locate sites. I am so excited that I have finally got a job in Archaeology after a long time trying!

At the weekend I also went on an excavation as a volunteer in Ulverston at Swarthmoor Hall which was really exciting as we found some really interesting features.

Day of Archaeology as a Masters student

I am a Masters student studying Archaeology and I have spent today writing parts of my dissertation as well as adding some new posts to my group I recently created on facebook called ‘Archaeology Lancaster’ where I post information about events in Lancaster and other archaeology related news.

My dissertation is on the Roman site of Vindolanda and I still have until September to finish it but I still have a way to go yet! I have done several modules this year as part of my MA- Neolithic Britain, ritual and religions, research module and archaeology of gender which were all really interesting.

I have also been busy with other bits recently – I took my CSCS test and got IFA membership. I have also been volunteering at the local museum and went on a conservation course with them and I am doing a scuba diving course on underwater archaeology soon.

I always wanted to be an archaeologist from as far back as I can remember but I don’t know where this interest came from. I decided to study Ancient History and Egyptology as my degree and then I went on my first excavation in Swansea. After this I looked for more to volunteer on and found one at Vindolanda and then most recently ones as part of the festival of archaeology. I also love being in Museums and collecting books on archaeology.

As part of the festival of archaeology this week I have been to several talks run by Oxford archaeology North in Lancaster – one called ‘what the Romans did for us’ and the other ‘community archaeology’ and I went to a surveying day using a total station in the park. I also went on an excavation at the Senhouse Museum in Maryport and one at Swarthmoor Hall in Ulverston as part of the festival.

At some point in the near future I hope to get a job in archaeology or a related discipline.