I am an archaeologist at the George Washington University. I teach in the anthropology department, and do research in Ireland. Archaeology is the coolest job ever!

It Isn’t All Fieldwork!

Today I am putting the finishing touches on a grant application in order to get money to do some digging at a site in Ireland called Dun Ailinne. This site dates to about 2000 years ago, and tells us important things about life in Ireland during the Iron Age. We are applying to the National Science Foundation in the United States to get money so we can go and dig at the site over the next two summers. Digging can be expensive because we have to buy the tools and other equipment we need, get people to the site, and get them food to eat and a place to stay while we are digging. Describing what we want to do and why we want to do it is the easy part. Figuring out how much money we want and explaining how we are going to spend it is trickier! I just had to write something about why it is we need to rent portable toilets while we are on the site. You’d think that would be obvious!

Even though I’m not in the field doing research, it’s still fun to think about what I want to do and plan how I want to do it. I really like my job! But I need to get back to writing and planning. The grant is due July 1 so we only have a few days left to finish. Hopefully next year I will be writing to you from our dig in Ireland!