I'm a senior at Indiana University studying Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology. I have done some field work in Evansville, Indiana and in Bloomington, Indiana. I have mainly only studied Midwestern archaeology and plan to continue studying it.

Archaeologist in Training

As an archaeologist in training, I arrive early to the lab with my assistant/coworker/friend Kayla. We basically live here.

We have been getting out sherds from the Hovey Lake site (which is near Evansville, Indiana) and been picking out the best examples of different things like vessel form, lip modifications, cordmarking, etc. We are currently on surface decorations.

Most of the time I find myself at my computer on excel sheets, checking to see where an artifact might be hiding or to change different variables about the artifacts.

Kayla is working hard to make sure all the decorate sherds are accounted for while Cheryl Munson, our boss, glues a miniature vessel back together.

This is one of my favorite vessels because it’s huge and has beautiful decoration on it.

We had printed out a faulty list for Kayla to pull all the body sherds. She was not very happy when we finally realized that it was missing half the things we needed and was out of order. We then printed out a new list and things were much easier after that. When we have trouble finding things, we put on our favorite Korean bands, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, which always seems to help us find the artifacts faster (or with at least a smile).

Here I am searching through our study boxes. (Note my Icee in the corner, the room we work in has a bad a/c unit).

This is Kayla and myself, getting ready to leave after another long, hard, and fun day of work.

But even when grocery shopping an archaeologist is always being presented with mysteries. Why are the grains ancient? What makes them ancient? Who the heck came up with such a stupid selling point? (Don’t worry, I didn’t buy the bread, I kept to my 100% Whole Wheat.) But it confused me nonetheless.

Then again, this is just an average day for me.